• Intensive Training Course
  For Diabetes Educators

• Camp COPE

• Diabetes Awareness Week

• National Assembly of Diabetes
  Educators (NADE)


Every year, in November, diabetes educators gather in a convention where they are updated on recent findings in the world of diabetes education.

In this convention, renowned speakers, both local and foreign, are invited to give lectures on the progress of diabetes care in the preceding year. It is also at this time that new Associate Diabetes Educators are inducted.


In partnership with Servier, the culminating activity of the Center is the Servier Lecture in honor of the founding Chairman of Servier. An invited keynote speaker gives a lecture on a significant event in diabetes diagnosis and management for the last year. To date we have conducted 23 lectures:

1992: “New Approaches to the Management of Diabetes Mellitus” – Prof. John Turtle
1993: “Diabetes Mellitus-2000: From Genes to Beans” - Prof. Ronald Arky
1994: “Recent Trends in the Diagnosis, Management and Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes” - Prof. David Lauj
1995: “The Physiology of Insulin Release” - Prof. Simon ven Haeften
1996: “What is Diabetes Anyway?” - Prof. Philip Home
1997: “Diabetes Complications-The Beginning of the End” - Prof. Harry Keen
1998: “Diabetes and Obesity-the Link” - Prof. Ian Caterson
1999: “The Many Faces of type 2 Diabetes” - Prof. Harold E. Lebovitz
2000: “Diabetes in the Year 2000” - Prof. Philip Raskin
2001: “Redefining Treatment Strategies for Type 2 Diabetes 2001” - Prof. Eberhard Standi
2002: “Diabetes 2002: The Winds of Change” - Prof. Augusto D. Litonjua
2003: “The Future Impact of Diabetes” - Prof. Martin Silink
2004: “Type 2 Diabetes and Vascular Disease: A Deadly Combination” – Prof. Marja Riita Taskinen
2005: “Beta-cell Function, Beta-cell Mass and Type 2 Diabetes” - Prof. Erol Cerasi
2006: “Who Killed the Beta-cell?” - Prof. Ricardo E. Fernando
2007: “THE FATTY LIVER: Implications for the Pathophysiology and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes” - Prof. Hannele Yki-Jarvinen
2008: “Preventing Diabetes Complications: Blood Glucose Control and Beyond” – Prof. Richard O’Brien
2009: “Microalbuminuria 2009” – Prof. Giancarlo Viberti
2010: “Diabetes and Infections” - Prof. Clive Stewart Cockram
2011: “Metabolic Memory – the Bitter Legacy of Hyperglycemia” - Prof. Merlin Thomas
2013: “What matters in ADVANCE and ADVANCE – ON?” - Prof. Pavel Hamet
2014: “Recent Outcomes Trials in Type 2 Diabetes: Their Impact to Disease Management Today” - Prof. Stephen Colagiuri
2015: “Preventing Diabetic Complications: A Sulfonylurea Perspective” - Prof. Davide Carvalho
2016: “Renal Disease and its Impact to Diabetes Management Today” - Prof. Mark Cooper
2017: “STENO-2: The 21-Year Follow-Up” - Prof. Michel Marre
2018: “Tight Glycemic Control at the Onset of Diabetes in the Light of Current Evidences” - Prof. Jean Claude Mbanya
2019: "SUnrise or SUnset: Modern Management of T2DM" - Prof. Aus Alzaid