• Intensive Training Course
  For Diabetes Educators

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• National Assembly of Diabetes
  Educators (NADE)

The Center has lined up a program of activities carefully planned and executed with the end in the view of meeting both our short-term goals and our long-term strategic objectives.



Course Title: Intensive Training Course for Diabetes Educators

The Intensive Training Course is a rigorous, 5-day course that allows the attendee to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes he will require in order to embark on a career of patient education. Since the PCDEF was established in 1990, one of the primary objectives has been to develop a forum whereby we can train physicians, nurses and dieticians, who are interested and willing to educate patients about diabetes, so that they may set up their own diabetes educational clinics. Applications are coursed through the hospital medical directors to assure the educators of a place for their educational clinic, upon their return.

Since we began our first Intensive Training Course for Diabetes Educators, we have trained 285 physicians, 424 nurse educators, 293 dietician-educators and created a total of 258 diabetes educational teams all over the country.

Course Objective: To train a team, made up of a physician, nurse and dietician, so that they may set up and operate a diabetes educational clinic in their respective localities.

Course Duration: 5 days

Eligibility Criteria:

To qualify for the course, the participants must form a team made up of a duly licensed and registered physician (MD), nurse (RN) and dietician (RND) who have expressed interest and willingness to engage in patient education. We do not accept individual trainees, only teams. There is no charge to enroll in our course and we provide free housing for the participants.

Delivery Format:

The methodology includes didactic lectures and small group discussions, but allows ample time for hands-on workshops (including workshops on motivational interviewing, meal planning, blood glucose monitoring, insulin injection techniques, chronic complications, foot care and foot screening). The course includes a Diabetes Conversation Map (DCM) facilitator’s training, conducted by a DCM Expert Trainer for the Philippines. At the end of the course, the participants are required to complete and present a “special project” – an innovative teaching aid that they can utilize when they begin patient education in their areas of practice.

Course Outline : The content is in concordance with the IDF International Curriculum for Diabetes Health Professional Education.

Day 1

• Diagnosis, Classification and Pathophysiology of Diabetes
• Role of the Diabetes Educator
• Motivational Interviewing
• Effective Teaching Principles
• Psychosocial and Behavioral Approaches

Day 2

• Medical Nutrition Therapy
• Monitoring BG Control
• Oral Health and Diabetes
• Exercise

Day 3

• Oral Anti-diabetic Agents
• Insulin/GLP-1 receptor agonists
• Insulin Injection techniques
• Peri-operative Diabetes Management
• Complementary and Alternative Therapies
• Sleep Disorders

Day 4

• Acute Complications
• Sick Day Guide
• Chronic Microvascular Complications
• Chronic Macrovascular Complications
• Diabetes and Sexual Health
• Foot Care
• Basic Wound Care

Day 5

• Diabetes in Pregnancy
• Diabetes in Children and Adolescents
• Diabetes in the Elderly
• Diabetes Conversation Maps
• Practice Teaching

Qualification gained on successful completion of the course: Assistant Diabetes Educator